Branding, Logo Design, and Illustration
Hired on to build a logo for a cafe racing, couture styled company. MotoBettie is a retail collective of women in the USA who craft products for women who ride. As a former rider of a custom cafe hopper ('71 CB 750), I took on the job knowing that it was going to be a fun one. Like all jobs I do, I am always thinking that this is going to be a beautiful portfolio piece! Check out their website at:
My 5 phases in design: Discover, Explore, Design, Refine, and Define!
My design process. A great logo is Simple, Memorable, and Evocative. I need to be emphatic about this! It needs to be visual in color, single color and black and white. A lot goes into designing a logo and it doesn't happen over night. At the end of the day, the logo doesn't build the brand. The people do. My final design will always reflect the level of effort I have put towards it.